Women's Eyeglass Frames

Need new eyeglasses? The choices in women's frames are nearly unlimited. But that's sometimes the problem: How do you find the frame styles that look best on you? 

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Ask yourself a few questions before shopping for eyewear:

The answers to these questions will help your optician narrow your search to frames that you are most likely to be happy with.

Judging Fit and Comfort

According to eyewear industry research, most women are more interested in the way eyeglasses look, while most men are more interested in comfort and fit. But let's face it. If the frame doesn't fit well or isn't comfortable, you won't want to wear it.

Here are some tips on how to judge the fit of frames:

How Many Frames Do You Need?

Most women don't hesitate to buy more than one pair of shoes, so why balk at buying more than one pair of eyeglasses?

Your eyewear is as much a fashion accessory as anything else you wear. And while few of us have an unlimited budget, money spent on multiple pairs of eyeglasses is well spent - especially if you have a varied wardrobe for work, home and social wear.

If you're really on a tight budget, then by all means choose one frame that you'll be happy wearing with any outfit and in any situation. But it doesn't mean you have to choose a plain, thin metal frame if you really like eyewear that's bold and colorful. Remember, this frame is going to be on your face every single day, and you have to like how it looks on you. 

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